Music: Flute

The flute is just of the few instruments that I know how to play. We were required to learn this back in primary school. I can still remember that I had a hard time playing this because I don’t have enough air or I was probably breathing the wrong way. 😆

Since I was just playing the flute for academic purposes, I only had a cheap one. It’s a pink plastic flute that looks exactly has the image shown below.

But if you are really into learning the flute and into making music using this, you may opt to purchase a good one like a yamaha flute. And to get you started in learning this, you can search YouTube for different Flute Tutorials.

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Meet Cooper

I wasn’t really fond of dogs before. I hated being near one when I was kid. I always felt like they were going to bite me. But everything changed in 2015 when Papa decided to get a golden retriever. We named him Boo, but sadly, we only had him for a few months. He died because apparently, he was already sick when we had him. We really felt sad when we lost him, so papa decided to have another puppy. This time, we made sure that he’ll be well taken care of. I would like you all to meet my fluffy friend, Cooper. If you’re a follower of my social media accounts, you have probably seen him… A LOT. He even has his own album on my Facebook! Cooper is a 16-month old Golden Retriever. We had him when he was just 4-months.

From a tiny pup to a big fluffy doggo, take a look how much he has grown. He may look this big, but for us, he’s still a baby

The most memorable moment we have of him is that whenever we come home from work, he is always so excited too see us. There was an instance that I was still parking my car and he will just be at the window, staring. You can also hear his loud bark. 🙂 Cooper and I have been close now, I have been his favorite human since he’s been sleeping in my room. HAHA. I love seeing him sleep and all curled up.

All of this happy moments were captured by my mobile phone, OPPO F1s. OPPO made it possible for me to capture all these lovely moments with Cooper! Because of its 13MP Rear Camera and 16MP Front Camera, we surely had the best photos. 🙂

Here’s a video of him playing:

He loves taking selfies too, he’s a natural. Here are some of his photos:

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Taiwan Excellence marks four years of bringing quality products to the Filipino household

Taiwan reaffirms the strength of its trade relations with the Philippines, in its fourth annual Taiwan Excellence campaign.

Sponsored by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), and organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), this campaign promotes Taiwan’s leading brands which have earned the Taiwan Excellence seal.

Gilberto Lauengco, Chief Finance Officer of Manila Economic Cultural Office, James Chu, Minister of Taipei Economic Cultural Office, Tony Lin, Strategic Marketing Deputy Director of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, and Amb. Benedicto Yujuico, Chairman of Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industries share a toast to officially kick off Taiwan Excellence campaign’s fourth year in uplifting the Filipino households.

Many of these high-grade products are already well-received by the local market and part and parcel of the everyday lives of Filipino families. ACER, ASUS and MSI are popular choices for smartphones and laptops, while leading exercise equipment brand Johnson Fitness has gained ground over the years.

This year, the 2017 Taiwan Excellence campaign will feature more than 150 products from 52 accredited brands. TAITRA has expanded their events to further highlight the innovation, reliability, and durability of these brands, which continue to empower consumers toward leading more convenient and enhanced lifestyles.

The exhibition promises to bring a new layer of fun for visitors, offering something for everyone. Specific exhibits include: Swift 7, the slimmest laptop delivered by Acer; Zenphone 3 Live, the first smartphone with real time beautification technology by Asus; Trident 3, the smallest VR Gaming PC from  MSI; Core P1 TG Mini ITX Wall-Mount Chassis by Thermaltake; home goods including the Tatung Fusion Cooker  and the Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator; bicycles including Term Cycles and Roxim Technologies Raptor X3 Bicycle Headlight; and sports equipment including Johnson Fitness S3+ Spinner Bike, and Hono YP 2009.


“Through product demonstrations and interactive activities, Filipinos will have the opportunity to experience the innovative quality of Taiwanese products, providing a source of fun and generating excitement surrounding consumer goods that have been developed and manufactured in Taiwan” says Tony Lin, Deputy Executive Director of the Strategic Marketing Department at TAITRA.

Activities slated for the 2017 Taiwan Excellence campaign include (among others): Experiential Zones in SM Megamall (June 2-4), SM Mall of Asia (September 29- October 1) and Glorietta (November 24-26). Taiwan Excellence will also feature in expos such as Systems Integration Expo (August 17-19), Taiwan Expo (September 29 – October 1), and Philconstruct 2017 (November 9-12).

For the full lineup of this year’s Taiwan Excellence campaign, please visit

*This is a sponsored post*

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