More than just sadness

I started drafting this post last Saturday after reading a post on James Deakin’s page about a certain car that drove off the 4th or 5th level of a parking building. What struck we was a certain comment saying that the girl who’s driving the car committed suicide because of a broken heart. May her soul rest in peace. I got curious about what happened so I searched for her Facebook account.

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Lies My EX Told Me

This is a shout out to my ex. Joke lang. HAHA. I am not sure if this will get to him, but if in case it does, just know that I’m not writing this to make him look bad or for people to hate him. This is about me knowing all these times that he was lying but kept telling myself that he wouldn’t do such things. (But I was effin’ wrong)

  1. “Hindi na kita mahal” – I felt my heart break into pieces when I heard this. This can probably be true, but a part of me was hoping it was all a lie. How can someone you’ve spent so many years with just tell you they no longer love you? Like you weren’t a big part of their life. Like it was that easy to just walk right in and out of your life.
  2. “I did not cheat on you” – When you caught someone talking to their ex, admitting they miss them, telling they still see them differently and not just a friend or barkada, isn’t that cheating? When they’re deleting the conversation so you wouldn’t find out what other things they talked about, isn’t that cheating? A few years back, I’ve caught him multiple times talking to exes and to different girls but all I get was “I was just being friendly”. There’s a fucking thin line between being friendly and flirty.
  3. “Walang third party” – So ayun na nga, still in connection with #3, I hated it back then that he was still in touch with an ex, because I already knew he has tendencies of getting back with an ex. He kept telling me that we’re breaking up because he no longer loves me and there’s no third party. HAHAHA. Sobrang funny nito, Bes! Alam mo yung kahit mag-hihiwalay na kayo, imbis maiyak ka e matatawa ka. Sobrang bullshit kasi.
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Head turner: How to be a #SelfieExpert with #OPPOF1s


What basically happens when I let my friends take pictures of me. 🙂 So what better way to have a decent picture is just to take it yourself! “Selfie” wasn’t even a word yet when I enjoyed taking pictures of myself. Below are some of my selfies a few years back.


Bad lighting, bad angle, bad everything. HAHA Front cameras doesn’t even exists back then. Taking selfies were like a “trial and error” thing. You wouldn’t know if you’d fit on the frame unless you take the photo. 🙂 It took me a lot of tries to improve my selfies, and of course knowing the do’s and don’ts helps too. So I’m going to share to you how I can make myself look pretty in my selfies.

Tips on how to take that perfect selfie and be a #SelfieExpert

  1. Find your angle – Not all of us looks good on all angles, so you need to learn what side you are more attractive. Tilt your head to the left and then to the right until you find your “best side”. In my case, my best angle is in my right. I have a very round face so I rarely take a straight-on shots.

    #Umaanggulo 😀
  2. Good lighting – This adds up to having a perfect selfie. Believe it or not, I usually spend a minute or two finding a good lighting at my room. I stand on a specific spot, hold the camera up to my face, then turn around until I find that perfect lighting. 🙂
  3. Filters – Best used when you’re not wearing makeup. For me who doesn’t have a very smooth skin, I usually use the default “Beautify” feature of my phone so that pimple marks & blemishes won’t show on my photos. And yes, I have that “Gandang Camera360” look. Haha. 

  4. Extend your neck forward – is your double-chin getting in the way of your perfect selfie? A way to remove that other than editing it is just by extending your neck, it may sort of look and feel funny, but this will surely improve the way you look in photos. You may also want to take the photo from above, it will make you thinner. 🙂Angle
  5. Be yourself – never be afraid to pose in front of the camera and just be yourself. Remember, confidence = beauty. 🙂

    more selfies
    Artehan mo pa. HAHA
  6. Good Camera – Last but not the least is of course, use a good camera! A camera with a 8-MP Front Camera can let your selfie be clearer. This is 30% clearer than the usual 5-MP Camera. All these feature can be found on the new OPPO F1s. If you want to know more about OPPO F1s, just visit:


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