2017 wasn’t so bad after all

A year ago, everything was different. And now that I look back,
I realize that a year can do a lot to a person.

The end of my 2016 I guess, by far, the worst months of my life so I was never really excited to welcome 2017. I was so unsure if I can go through the days knowing my heart was still broken, I was broken. But everything shifted,from being in denial to finally accepting things, from being broken to finally getting myself back together. I guess God really works in mysterious ways. 

Spending more time with families and friends were always the best days! Single e, dami kong time. Lol The highlight of my 2017 would be about me going out on a date. HAHA Yes, after 7 freaking years.  Shout-out to the guy I first date after the breakup, you probably won’t be able to read this, but thank you for making may 2017 a  bit different.

2017 was a celebration of Life and Love.

Attended so many weddings, baptismal and birthday parties. Didn’t really travelled much this year, but definitely enjoyed partying and staying up all night.

Lost a good friend but gained a guardian angel.

Looking back, 2017 wasn’t really a year of pain but turned out to be a year of growth for me. I learned to love myself more and finally know my worth. I’ve accepted the fact that there are certain people that will come and will just be part of your life, temporarily. People come and go. I learned to appreciate and be grateful for people who chose to stay with me through all the good and the bad days.

To my friends and families who made 2017 worthwhile, thank you so much. Looking forward to more great things this 2018. 

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50th Wedding Anniversary


Just a quick post, last August 28, my grandparent’s (Father’s side) celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. A simple mass was held around 6AM at St. John of the Cross Parish in Pembo, Makati City. 2 of my Aunt from Canada and Abu Dhabi stayed here for 2 weeks just to be able to attend this special family gathering.

10658989_10152704860324578_6524934587335236492_o cousins

This was followed by a reception at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s at San Juan. Their food is so great and the place is okay too. I wasn’t able to take much picture since I arrived late and had to leave early cause I still have work after. Also, all for 90 round crinkle taffetta tablecloths would probably look good on their interior for events like ours.

Here are some pictures with my favorite people:

03 skye_ai summer_ai

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Paalam, Izha Marie

Sa mga hindi po nakakaalam, si Izha Marie ay pinsan ko pero itinuturing ko siya para ko na ding kapatid. Halos samin na siya lumaki kaya madalas noon mapagkamalan na magkapatid kami. Kung titignan, para naman kasi talaga kaming magkapatid. Lalo na nung medyo nagdalaga na siya hindi lang ichura kami nagkakalapit kundi pati na sa ugali, magkapareho na din daw.

February 18, around 6:00PM nakatanggap ako ng tawag mula sa Mama ko. Hello pa lang niya alam ko ng may hindi maganda sa sasabihin niya. Tanging iyak at hikbi ang maririnig mo sa telepono… “Be, si Izha… kritikal, iba na ang ichura niya”. Nung narinig ko yun, kakaibang kaba at takot ung naramdaman ko. Ang daming tanong ung gumugulo sa isip ko, “Anong nangyari?”, “Bakit siya?”, “Bakit biglaan”.

Nung sinugod siya sa ospital. kritikal na nga daw ang lagay niya at kailangan siyang ilagay sa ICU. Ang sabi ng mga doktor 48 hours na lang ang itatagal niya. Kinabukasan Wednesday dinalaw ko siya sa ospital, sobrang hirap na makita siyang ganun.

[…will continue  this entry later]

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