A decade of blogging

2014 marks my 10th year in blogging. Hooray for me! But thinking about the years made me feel old already. 🙁

I was 14 when I started, young, naive but curious about things. I got the idea of it through Teentalk, CandyMag’s online forum. I searched for free hosting sites, tried learning basic HTML and even web designing. All of these were self-taught just because I was too curious on how it works. Back then, bloggers I know blogs mostly about their personal life and experiences. You can totally know the person on how and what they write. You’d get to see who shares the same interest as you do. Blogging was like being an open book, sharing almost everything about you.

Through this I’ve learned different things, some about love, friendship and how to deal with life. I blog mainly because I just want to share some of my thoughts and life experiences. But I didn’t know that I’d gain something more than the experience. Earning money by blogging was just a bonus. What I’m really grateful was meeting friends online. 🙂 Years may have passed but I am still friends with some bloggers I met 10 years ago. And it feels so heartwarming to see how their life is going right now. Most of them are now professionals and successful, some have their own families, and some are starting to have one. Knowing them virtually feels like I’ve known them personally and I’ve been part of their life.

Nothing compares to the feeling of having met and gained friends while doing something you enjoy. I am looking forward to gaining more friends and to spending more years sharing a part of my life. 🙂

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