Christmas in the air

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There’s just one thing I need
I don’t care about presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you.

Yes! ‘Tis the season to be jolly again! Season of giving and of gaining… gaining weight. HAHA. But nonetheless, this is the most wonderful time of the year! šŸ™‚ Here in the Philippines, there’s usually a lot of villages/subdivisions who have a very grand Christmas decors like the one’s in a department 56 snow village.

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50th Wedding Anniversary


Just a quick post, last August 28, my grandparent’s (Father’s side) celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. A simple mass was held around 6AM at St. John of the Cross Parish in Pembo, Makati City. 2 of my Aunt from Canada and Abu Dhabi stayed here for 2 weeks just to be able to attend this special family gathering.

10658989_10152704860324578_6524934587335236492_o cousins

This was followed by a reception at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s at San Juan. Their food is so great and the place is okay too. I wasn’t able to take much picture since I arrived late and had to leave early cause I still have work after. Also, all for 90 round crinkle taffetta tablecloths would probably look good on their interior for events like ours.

Here are some pictures with my favorite people:

03 skye_ai summer_ai

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Love Month

40th Month

This is an obligatory blog entry. Just because… it’s February, it’s “love month” and just because I loveĀ him.

We usually never celebrate monthsaries and we barely go out on a date. Sounds boring right? Well I already got used to it since we work from the same company, same project, same floor and yes, we see each other almost everyday. So I guess just being together is more than enough for me. šŸ™‚

We celebrated our 40th month last February 3 just by having dinner. Our schedule this month were different so plans of watching movies were also off our list. It was fine for me since we can celebrate it n another day.

Malolos Cathedral
My first time here

February 8, I went to there place (Malolos, Bulacan) to attend the christening of his niece, Damienne. I was supposed to go home the same day but was too tired and fell asleep. I woke up too late and since it’s almost evening, they asked me to just stay for the night. That same night, his friends came over for a drink and since I don’t have anything else to do there, they invited me to join. I have known them only based on his stories, so that night was the first time I met them personally. We also went out that night, rode the motorcycle and went to there favorite “tambayan”. The fun ended at 4AM and I’m thankful that we were able to go home safe.

It was a really fun night for me. The motorcycle ride was indeed fun, he got to share more stories of his childhood and the places we passed by. And I am happy because I’d get to know him more and his friends. ’twas one of the best night for me.

US and Damienne






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