My blogging history

Blogger since 2004

I learned about blogging through Candymag. I was 13 when I joined Teentalk and was an active Teentalker back then. I got curious about HTML and Photoshop so I decided to search for tutorials. Since my father is a web developer, it was never hard for me to learn such things. I guess interests with these things runs in my blood eh? – My first ever site was created and hosted here. It was basically made as a temporary site.

Tabulas.Com/~xxxxxx— the blog where I used to write entries “iN tHis MaNnEr” which I find really annoying now. Forgive me for I was a jejemon in my past life. Haha

Xanga.Com/charming_aileen — I was not contented with Tabulas’ feature so I tried Xanga. It became my online diary from 2004-2006 and got addicted to it. I even accepted free layout customization for my co-Teentalkers and other Xanga friends.

ThePinkLover.Blogspot.Com — which is now known as buhaymusika.blogspot. This was created the same year I created my Xanga account. This is one of the few accounts that I still have access with. My skills in HTML and Web Designing were trained here. I tried modifying layouts from Blogskins and from that, I learned to create my own layouts. I was eager lo learn CSS during those years too.

Charm.Emoprincess.Org — This was my first ever blog that was hosted and powered by WordPress. The site Emoprincess.Org is owned by Ate Care Gumin. Only a few people back then have their own domain and I was glad to be part of it. I submitted my works and layouts to Ate Care without knowing anything about FTPs and WordPress. Good thing we have a lot of books about FTPs, and through online tutorials I’ve learned about WordPress and how to create my own theme.

Dalagita.Org — Finally bought my own domain (I wasn’t the one who bought it, my father did. ^_^ ) I was not informed that Ate Care won’t renew her domain, so I’ve been blog-less for months. I missed blogging and decided to return by having my own domain.  A year passed and it expired, I really wanted to renew it BUT just having the thought of me having a blog that can be read by my father is just… >.<

Meyn.Mwahh.Net — Hosted by Ate Karen. This site became my “Love” blog <33 It was full of happy memories and kilig stories of me and someone (who I don’t want to name anymore) :no:

Rocker-Babe.Info — The price I’ve won at Ate Pam‘s domain giveaway. I love this site, superrr. <3 It was really heartbreaking that i was not able to renew it.

Cut-theCrap.Co.Cc — I really can’t fully remember the year I started this blog. But around the year of 2009, this blog was nominated at the 2009 Candymag’s Teen Blog Awards under the categories Best Overall Blog & Best Blog Name.