Colorful Day with Faber-Castell

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color.

My life has been pretty dull lately. Everything that’s been happening seems to be just routinary. When work and life has been giving me so much stress, I make it a point to at least de-stress during the weekends. I read a good book, binge watch my favorite TV series, learn to play a new song on my ukulele or just simply lay in my bed the whole day, so getting invited to events really makes me excited.  😍

Last October 28, Nuffnang PH in collaboration with Faber-Castell Philippines and Tippy Pelayo-Go of Googly Gooeys held an amazing workshop about Creative Flatlay & Color Mixing at Acceler8, Greenbelt Makati. If you know me, you’d  immediately think that I will gladly accept the invite without any hesitation. Don’t blame me, I LOVE ARTS, I LOVE COLORS, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Art helps me battle with depression, I love how therapeutic it is. ❤️

Meeting “THE” Googly Gooeys

Googly Gooeys initially started as a comic blog starring the pink and blue goo, Tipsy & Ponggo. Now, they’re one of the know art and design blog in the Philippines. I have been a follower of her blog since Tumblr days and it was really an honor meeting someone you’ve been following for years. Ms. Tippy shared different tips on choosing the right palette for our blogs, on what colors would go well together and how to effectively mix and match colors. She even showed us how she do her flat lays. The workshop was really engaging, you can see how passionate she is on her crafts and how much she love colors.

Let’s mix some color!

You’d be amazed how much this Faber-Castell 12-color connector paint box can do. You can create new colors just by mixing what is already available. Did you know that by combining the primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow) would result to new different colors? Mixing all three would result to black or gray depending what color is dominant. I love how I can come up with different shades of green just by adding more water (pastel green), a touch of purple (military green), brown (olive green) or light blue (teal).

The art of flatlaying

As a blogger this is one of the essential thing we need to master! I have been doing flat lays since 2009, but I still haven’t mastered it. 😅 Thanks to Ms. Tippy for sharing her secrets on how she was able to take amazing flat lays.

  1. Good lighting – if possible shoot in natural light. This is to avoid shadows casting on your photos.
  2. Choose your background – opt for a background that would complement your subject. A basic white background or wooden texture are the usual pick for flat lays.
  3. Get that bird’s eye view – get above and take that photo. 😅 If you need to get up on a stool, do it. No matter how silly you look. It’s all from the gram!
  4. Photo editing apps – I use VSCO and Snapseed to adjust colors and brightness.
  5. Get inspired. Be inspired – Checkout other epic flatlays

Here’s a few shots of my flat lays.


BTS, We, bloggers take flatlaying seriously

Thank you again Nuffnang PH and Faber-Castell for inviting us over! It was indeed a great #FaberCastellBloggersDay and a fun learning experience!

It was so fun to meet other bloggers! © Photo by Faber-Castell Philippines

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