When in Bataan

Bataan is one of the places up north that have beautiful tourist spots. It has been known for its history and natural beauty. Just a few hours away from the metro, bordered between Zambales and Pampanga, tourists will definitely enjoy what this place has to offer. There is no shortage on accommodation, too, as there are a lot of hotels in Bataan that you can choose from. You can compare them using online booking sites like Traveloka to get the best deals on rooms.

How to get there

Via Bus – Take the bus from Cubao, Quezon City. Fare would probably cost around 200 to 250.
Via Private Car – Take Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX) then Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX).
Here are a few places that you must visit when you are in Bataan:

Dambana ng Kagitingan / Mt. Samat

Dambana ng Kagitingan also known as Mount Samat National Shrine is located in the summit of Mount Samat, a historic mountain in Pilar, Bataan. The memorial shrine was built to honor all Filipino and American soldiers who fought during World War II. Thus making it the most renowned landmark of the province.

Before you can reach the cross itself, you’d have to take the zig-zagging path on the mountain slope. It was a bit tiring but as you are going up, you’d feel the air’s cool breeze and that for me soothes everything. Once you reach the base of the cross, you will notice Abueva’s “Nabiag Na Bato” which depicts historical events such as Jose Rizal’s execution.

We were all so thrilled to go up the view deck to see and feel what it’s like when you’re above a 92-meter tall cross. There are two options when going up the view deck, via stairs or elevator. The elevator’s capacity is for 8-10 people only, so imagine how little the space is. But we didn’t mind at all because it is definitely much more convenient than taking stairs.

The view from there was breathtaking! And if the wind is a bit strong you’d hear as if it is whistling, I just love the sound of it. And for someone who is acrophobic, my legs were really shaking as I was walking to get to the other side of the cross. But man, everything was really worth it.  You’d see the panoramic view of Bataan, Corregidor and Manila.

If you are planning to visit, below are the details you should take note of:

Location: Baranggay Diwa, Pilar, Bataan
Open Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Everyday
Entrance Fee: Php20.00

Where to Stay?

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Want to feel how it is to live in the 18th century? This would be the perfect place to be. Las Casas Filipinas is a heritage park/resort that is located just 20 kilometers away from the Mt. Samat Shrine. The preserved heritage structures will definitely give you the “old-school” feels and gives you a glimpse of the past. Las Casas did really prove how rich the Filipino history and culture is.

The resort offers a Day-Tour of their heritage park, and if one day isn’t enough for you, you can definitely stay longer. You can relax and enjoy their comfortable amenities, have breakfast in their superb heritage houses and they even have special places for special occasions. A simple date night or a wedding proposal perhaps?

Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort

Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort is perfectly located on the picturesque province of Morong, Bataan. If you are looking for a serene place, I highly recommend this place. This place is best for couple’s who wanted to get away from the stressful life in the city. Since the resort is situated in the beach front, you would hear the sound of the waves and see the sun while it sets.

They have their infinity pool, beachfront snack bar, their own restaurant (all food we’ve tasted were all good by the way) and they offer spa services too. And if you are a bit adventurous, they have water activities like banana boat ride, kayaking and snorkeling.

Brisa Marina Brisa Marina

A day or two isn’t enough for this trip, there are still a lot of places we haven’t visited. Here are a few of those places, Bataan Death March Marker in Orani, Bataan First Line of Defense in Layac, Dinalupihan and the Zero Kilometre Death March Marker in Mariveles. And as suggested, if you are a nature lover or just someone who is easily amazed by how wonderful mother nature is, I am sure you’d also love to see these places: Ambon-ambon or Lumutan Falls in Binukawan, Bagac, Bataan National Park, Dunsulan Falls, Mount Mariveles, Mount Natib in Orani, Pasukulan Falls and Sibul Spring in Abucay, San Miguel Mountain Peak and Tarak Ridge in Mariveles.

How about you? Have you been to any of this places? Feel free to comment below your experiences or adventures in Bataan, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Bataan sprawling mountains, lush plains, and vibrant towns, with the cool breeze swishing in your face. The magnificent Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga, located in the heart of the city, cannot be missed.

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