DIY: Lipstick Organizer

I was sick the whole weekend and got too bored lying in bed, doing nothing so I decided to just do something “creative“. Since I have a growing collection of lipstick, why not make use of old stuff/junk to make my own organizer. Those acrylic lipstick organizers I see in the market are big ones and wouldn’t fit my vanity drawer, so yeah, better make my own.

So here are the materials I used

Old box (I was already about to throw this out)
Old magazines


  1. Cut the box based on your desired size. I used 2inches for the height of my organizer.
  2. Wrap it up using old magazines or any wrapper. You may design it with whatever design you like. I cut out different letters and words for my designs.
  3. Glue everything together.
  4. Looking for more steps? Well, that’s all there is 🙂

lipstick organizer

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